My family has been in the print and imaging industry for a long time. In fact, as a fourth-generation graphic business owner, I’m often asked how I stay so passionate about driving PSP to constantly evolve.

My answer is innovation - in personal habits, enterprise systems, and client-facing services. I'm an optimizer by nature: I thrive on looking at a process or system and finding a way to do it better, asking "What's being taken for granted? Which steps can be combined? How can we cut out redundancy and approach this in a totally new way?"

There are any number of ways to stay in touch with developments in the retail graphics marketplace, from conversations with clients and colleagues to personal in-store experiences and research. By definition, innovation is a process that never finishes; it’s a journey, not a destination. Thank you for joining PSP on our road to the future of retail. – Robbie McDaniel



Deep Expertise. Unified. Partner Focused.

  • Robbie McDaniel, President (Visionary)

    Robbie comes from a strong family history in the printed advertising business.

    After working for and experiencing other companies in the industry, he set out to create a company and a brand that "does it the right way."

  • Scott Thompson, Business Systems Manager

    Scott is a lifetime print industry veteran since his first job at age 16 on a kit pack line for a local offset printer. With experience ranging from folder operator to senior level finance and operation roles, including 8 years of either shared or sole ownership of print companies, Scott's career has led him to be a true jack of all trades in the industry. Currently his passion is leveraging technology and operational experience to create efficiencies and business opportunities.

  • Pamela Woods, Controller

    Pamela has nearly 20 years' multi-industry experience in accounting, finance and HR.

    She leads the finance, purchasing and estimating teams and supports the company as HR. She produces results of cohesiveness within accounting, HR and overall organizational health and looks to improve treasury and operational efficiencies. Pamela joined the PSP family in April 2016.

  • Mike Bershad, Dir of Client Services

    Mike is an account manager with PSP with more than 30 years of experience in the graphics industry from print production and distribution to project management and client services. Mike grew up in the printing industry and began running small presses and bindery equipment at a young age at his father’s print shop. After completing his undergraduate work at the University of Georgia, Mike continued his work in the industry on the production side until he made the switch to become a print buyer in the late 90's. After completing his MBA and 10 years of working as a buyer for MCI/Verizon Business, Mike decided that being on the production side was his real passion and began his tenure at PSP. His attention to detail has transitioned him to the current account management role. He truly loves working with clients to come up with the best solutions to ensure that their campaigns are always successful.

  • Jeff Mcfry, Technical Manager

    Jeff Mcfry has been a part of the PSP team for nearly six years in IT and Engineering. He is a certified G-7 color expert with photographic expertise and 28 years in the printing industry. He is a level 2 trained engineer on multiple platforms of digital equipment.

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