If you know PSP, you know we are passionate about constantly evolving our processes. We deploy 24/6 production to easily handle some of the most punishing turn times in the industry. Inspired by great experiences with our Esko Kongsberg XP finishing tables, PSP invested in Esko Automation Engine in late 2016. This system virtually eliminates redundant, time consuming tasks by automatically speeding nesting layouts to our finishing tables and enhancing the preflight process. The Automation Engine has been in production mode for six months, with about 95% of our layouts now driven by this customized workflow.

Our Automation Systems Manager, Ron Whitfield, couldn’t be happier: “We have increased the workflow to the presses just by automating the layouts. The Automation Engine preflight report can tell us if there are errors or unreported sizes. It also allows us to send proofs within 24 hours.” President and founder Robbie McDaniel adds, “We are excited about achieving a new level of automation that amplifies speed and quality for our customers.”

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